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“Magic is not in the trick, not even in the magician, but in the eyes of an excited spectator”

Jorge Blass

My name is Markhele and I am a professional magician with long experience in all types of shows. I’ve been performing in schools, theatres, weddings, birthday parties, charity events, etc.  My act includes magic with animals, comedy magic, dangerous magic, magic with participation and a lot of surprises.

Are you looking for an entertainer for a big event? Or maybe for a small gathering or a surprising birthday party for your children? You can count on Markhele!

If you need an entertainer for your special day, hire me!


When I was a kid, I received a special Christmas present, a magic kit. I started with small things like coins, cards and hankies. When I saw my brothers’ amazed faces, I could feel magic in my soul. Then I started to buy more books and more magic props. With time, I learnt a lot of different effects and today I can do magic around the world. And that is my passion. Magic, magic and magic!